The Toyota RAV4 combines long-lasting reliability along with economical transportation. This is all found in a sporty compact SUV that can be driven for years to come.


The RAV4 features an automatic transmission with eight speeds that are electronically controlled, which allows for smooth transitions and gives the SUV the ability to get up to highway speeds quickly. The RAV4 also has a multi-link rear suspension that improves the handling when driving the car.

The Toyota RAV4 also has three distinct driving modes:

  • The Sport Mode gives it a more distinct acceleration
  • The ECO Mode helps with providing a more fuel-efficient drive
  • The Normal Mode combines the two where performance is combined with a more fuel-efficient drive


The interior provides luxury and comfort as well. Certain models contain a panoramic sunroof that opens to allow for sunlight and fresh air to enter the vehicle. The interior also contains ambient lighting that is featured in the evening hours, so the driver can clearly see inside the vehicle.

Rugged front seats provide a comfortable ride, especially when taking the RAV4 off-road. For those that find technology important, the RAV4 contains a JBL audio system that has 11 speakers located throughout the vehicle in nine different locations. It also has the technology to connect your smartphone and stream music.


Safety features include the parking assist for both front and back along with automated braking. This alarms the driver that objects or people are in the way through both audio and visual warnings. It also applies the brakes when it detects something in the way and reduces engine power. It contains blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert. This again warns the driver when they are getting too close to something or something is in their path.

Safety is also provided through eight airbags located throughout the vehicle. These are just some of the safety features on the Toyota RAV4. To see what other features are provided in a new or used Toyota RAV4, visit us to check one out for yourself.

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