When it comes to trucks, bigger is not always the best option for everyone. We tend to get overwhelmed by bigger vehicles and forget that smaller trucks can perform better in specific conditions. The Toyota Tacoma is proof that choosing a small-sized truck is the way to go while purchasing a truck.

Why Tacoma is an Off-Road Beast

For long, Toyota Tacoma has been one of the favorites for off-roaders due to its remarkable features. The 2020 model is not an exception, especially with its additional high-tech off-road features. Below are some available off-road features of the 2020 Tacoma.

Toyota Crawl Control

With this feature, you can creep over rocks, while upholding the perfect speed. The Crawl Control feature takes over your brakes and throttle to enable you to focus on keeping the truck in the right direction. This is a necessary feature if you want to keep your mind on the trails. Besides that, it can help you get around a sandy path that would trap other off-road trucks.

Electronically Locking Rear Differential

When you are on a perfect road, you want your differential to slip. This is to enable your tires to spin when navigating through corners at different speeds.

An electronically locking rear differential lets you lock the differential as you wish so that the rear wheels can spin at the same speed. This is a suitable feature if you are going through rough terrains such as snow, gravel, mud, or dirt.

Why Should You Go for the Toyota Tacoma?

Toyota is well-known for producing rock-solid vehicles in Binghamton. This model won't disappoint if you are looking for a medium-sized truck that will cover 300,000 miles. Every part of this machine is built to withstand the test of time.

Although the upper Tacoma trims are a bit expensive, you can consider purchasing Tacoma SR. This machine is affordable and is a dependable truck to maintain. It has standard tech gadgets such as a touchscreen infotainment system, driving aids, and a backup camera.

To learn more about the Toyota Tacoma, call us at Jack Sherman Toyota. We will help you find an ideal truck that suits your needs.

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